British Expat Retiree Hacks Into Spanish ATP Database And Uses It To Create Meticulous Betting Method That Exploits Up To £488 A Day! [Yearly Results Summary Below]

Does this sound like a "dream life" to you?

A sunny house by the beach.

Enough residual income to live a comfortable life without worry.

A Spanish wife.

A cute dog.

A couple of expat friends to play pool with on Saturday.

A debt-free, stress-free, and children-free life.

Well, I worked hard, got there, and LOST it all.

And no, it was not tennis betting that got me there.

That came later on in the story.

Funnily enough, I got there through commercial glass maintenance window cleaning.

Yep, as dull as that may sound; I made a FORTUNE from it.

Now I am not planning to sell you window cleaning as a career here - don't worry.

I just think it is essential to start from the beginning.

Before I begin to tell you my story, here is the results I have witnessed in the past 9 years:

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That's what I'm trying to get you to achieve from today!

And here is the tumultous path that took me to the discovery of the secret ways behind this profit.

In the late 80's, I approached every single storefront in Leicestershire and managed to get three hundred of them to pay me a monthly fee for cleaning their windows.

By the mid 90's I was making £8,000 a month of unskilled labour.

Not bad ey?

At the time, betting was just a diversion, to make my window-cleaning life a bit more exciting.

The smaller tennis tournaments interested me the most as I always seemed to find the most value in the strangest of matches.

There have been times where I skipped work just to sit at home and watch Challenger Tour tennis on Eurosport.

You see....

....the trick is in dissecting the players individually and finding out every detail about them.

Platforms like Twitter and ATP News are excellent for sourcing abstract pieces of information.

However, I will get to that later...

So when I turned 60, I had enough of smelling like industrial cleaning liquid and retired to the most beautiful coast in Europe... La Costa Del Sol.

I bought a lovely bungalow in a small expat village called San Pedro and got into a lustful relationship with a Russian cleaner.

For the first time in my life, I had more free time (and sex) than I needed.

I thought it would be wise to spend it on repairing my poor posture developed by years of bending and over-extending my spine at work.

Also, since I regularly made money on tennis betting, it made sense to practice the sport.

Now here is where things got interesting...

Novak Djokovic owns a famous tennis club about 30 minutes from my house, in the upmarket town of Marbella

The club is called Puente Romano Tennis Club. It is situated right on the beach, which adds to its allure.

In February 2018, the world-famous Davis Cup was held at this classy venue.

I joined the Winter school and spent 3 hours a week practising tennis and socialising with their accomplished staff.

One of them being Novak's off-season nutritionist!

Not only did I manage to hustle bits of inside info when Novak was playing big games, I also met him in person during one of his many club appearances.

It was a short but noteworthy encounter.

So, that is the good part.

Now comes the bad and the ugly...

It turns out that my dream was more expensive than I initially thought.

I quickly ran out of my savings and accumulated a credit card debt as big as life!

A simple Sunday dinner at the local English pub can cost over £50 for two people!

The price of health insurance for those over 65 is incredibly high.

Taxis are double the price of the ones in Hinckley.

Yes, being an expat in the South of Spain is far from cheap!

To top it all of, my Russian girlfriend was secretly funnelling hundreds out of my bank account each month and eventually ran back to St. Petersburg and blocked my number.

So within seven years, I ended up lonely and broke.

One thing I learned, which I would like to pass on to you, is that sometimes life can get better by just standing still and appreciating what you have.

Moreover, all I had was tennis.

Betting was sporadic but still profitable.

I got quite good at handling a racquet.

I earned myself a discount membership at the tennis club by promoting it to tourists.

It was during this weird period that I developed "The Secret Way To Tennis Profits."

I wrote the outline on a piece of paper in an Estepona cafe.

No computer, no experts, no forums.

I had to reflect on what had been working for me to find out if betting could assist me financially.

Now, I did have a part-time job as a tourist guide, which wasn't exactly enjoyable, but it was my bread and butter.

I mean, the dream of living without a job was over now.

Avoid Low-Reference Matches

  • Notes: An average tennis player plays 80 games a year.

    There are 1,500 players in the ATP rankings.

    There is no way you can keep up and select the right matches if you do not have an easy-to-use rulebook for eliminating events within seconds of seeing the day's tennis games.
  • What you get: It all started off unconsciously for me.

    I would have a feeling for what matches to focus on but never really analysed what my parameters were. Thanks to some intelligent people online, I now have a straightforward rule that avoids all the low-end, hard-to-predict games where players are not motivated or just testing the waters.

Zoom In On The Gap

  • Notes: I have figured out how to find matches where you can predict what's going to happen 7 out of 10 times without looking into the more in-depth details or H2H records. Just by taking a glance at the difference between the odds. It tells so much of the story and has a higher significance than anything else I have ever come across in betting.
  • What you get: It is only now that I can condense the story into a simple rule that anyone can follow to achieve a 70% strike rate in tennis. Then we can start talking about H2H records, fitness, mental form and so on...

Be On The Hunt For Better Dividends

  • Notes: There is an art to finding the best odds online and nowhere does it matter more than in tennis. Drifts are rare, but when they do happen, they can add blue notes to your wallet. Knowing why the more significant bookmakers are avoiding or highlighting a match is also essential and choosing the staking depending on how liquid a bookmaker is can be a bit of finesse.
  • What you get: This last one is what took me from an intermediate to an expert level in the tennis betting field. Nonetheless, this is the step that the professionals do not skip, and I will show you precisely which bookmakers you HAVE to be a member of if you want to serve yourself right.

I shall be revealing the details of the above as soon as you join -within a short and concise ebook.

Remember, this is only part of the story. Once you have my three secrets under your belt, you WILL be making a profit. Without doubt!


...However, I have something else to give to you that is not available anywhere else online.

You see, my speciality is the ATP Challenger.

The bottom part of the ATP rankings interests me the most as that is where the most upsets happen.

It is a lot easier for Roger Federer to beat a 154th ranked player than for a 154th ranked player to defeat a 208th ranked player.

Only because the gaps in quality decrease as you get lower on the table, so the differences between lower-ranked players are tiny even though the odds do not reflect it.

Bookmakers base the core of their odds formulations on ATP rankings when I genuinely believe that external factors matter more.

The problem is that it is quite hard to analyse these external factors as it is difficult to find professional data on lower-ranked ATP matches on the internet

Unless you are scouring through Twitter 10 hours a day and who has time for that?

Here is where I hit the jackpot.

Recently, through friends of friends, I have gotten premium access to ATP databases that contain all ATP tennis records since 2008!

This is like Uranium to anyone that wants to win on tennis.

I can now...

  • 1. Use my three secret way to profits method to find a pool of tennis matches.
  • 2. Go through the intensive ATP database to complete my selection research.
  • 3. Achieve a strike rate that football and horse racing tipsters would only dream off!

Every time I select a tip, I first create an equal footing with the bookies and go head to head.

Hence, why I am sharing my service with as many people as possible.

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That is just RUBBISH.

Of course, when I run out, I will have more printed!

So, there are no timed deals, or fake numbers or limited copies or anything like that… that is just not how I operate.

However, here’s the thing…

Because this ebook has my insiders’ very best winning tennis secrets – the same ones they use to make themselves serious dough on a regular basis…

Because I am the most profitable tennis tipster, you will ever come across online...

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I believe you will not want to wait too long to mull it over because waiting a few days, or a week.

Think about it…

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Hell, how much money will you miss out on TODAY?

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Sure, you could decide to sleep on it…

It is up to you.

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This thoroughly tested system has an incredible 88% strike rate and no more than two consecutive losses over a 137-game testing period.

Better yet, I have honed this secret into a ten-minute, step-by-step process that’s both fast and consistently profitable.

Inside the handbook, you shall learn:

  • The lowdown on the highly-exploitable “serve trend” – and how you can use it to profit from every tennis tournament in the world
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  • How to find value without knowing much about tennis
  • The differences between high and low mental pressure during a tennis match – and the difference it can make to your profits.
  • What effect court surfaces have on players and why it's so important to understand.

Sounds pretty good right?

And that’s because this is a fantastic tennis betting resource.

Don’t take my word for it…

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