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DaddyBot 2 Pro is a premium selection service ran by three professional punters. Each of them use their own respective web-based software to generate their tips:

An AI-powered bot that sorts the day's matches according to probability, team form and social media opinion. Has a short section with the day's analysis and even goes as far as displaying the weather during the match!

Used by Cameron Beims aka The Chef

Match predictions, stats and tips with human ratings. Focuses on the finer details in football from average conceded goals to fouls commited. Also has a custom prediction area which pushes the backend mechanics to its absoute limits!

Used by Jakob Judge aka The Judge

Uses Index algorithms to not only provide match predictions but also delve into the correct score markets. Winning odds can go all the way to 25/1! Covers an extensive range of leagues and information outputs.

Used by Paul Daley

This ensures we have ARTICIFIAL INTELLIGENCE mixed in with human ingenuity... It can’t get any better than that!

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From: Cameron Beims (Professional Punter, Betting Star And Proud Creator Of DaddyBot 1 & DaddyBot 2)

It’s no secret that over 99% of punters out there BURN CASH when it comes to betting.

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This state-of-the-art software regularly churns out straight-forward winners like this one on Thursday 18th April:

But also correct scores @ 13/2 like this one that Odds Beater found not long ago:

Those of you that have been part of Daddy Bot 1 - know the potential and with the help of TWO additional software programs your numbers will skyrocket!

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll make thousands of pounds by tomorrow - I’m not going to insult your intelligence.

What I’m trying to say here is that with the help of three pieces of high-tech software, you’ll be able to pick up solid winners consistently...

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Look, it's no longer acceptable to waste valuable time crunching numbers and praying that your next bet will be a winner...

The same way, you don’t have to read boring forms or gather information that might prove to be ineffective.

My expert team of professional gamblers and I, worked really hard on developing systems around these unique software programs that run with AI and automatically chooses the best tips that have a high-probability to occur.

Allow me to introduce you to...

“DaddyBot 2” is the culmination of endless months of hard work, coding and gallons of coffee and teamwork ... 3 different successful online tipsters - who are experts on their respective software - joining up to provide a slick tipping service that provides you with juicy, sure-fire bets with odds between 3.5 and 12.0 on a regular basis.

The precedessor, DaddyBot 1, ran with just one software, getting unbelievable results for our members.

Not long ago, and since the massive success that DaddyBot 1 meant to our huge user base, I decided to team with two professional gamblers who are fanatics of web-based software and statistical betting.

I just wanted to make DaddyBot 1 BIGGER, more effective and MORE profitable!

That’s why DaddyBot 2 runs with THREE different softwares that tap into different markets, tripling the opportunities.

Enjoy mouth-watering odds that will bring you massive profits... Even if you have never placed a single bet before. I’m talking about 3.5 to 12 (on low odd winners days, you can expect a healthy 1.8 to 3.0... at an impressive strike rate of 82%.)

Our highly-lucrative tips will be backed by human intelligence + artificial intelligence... a mind-blowing combination that will bring home the bacon!

Enjoy a large-scale, critical upgrade back-end with a better, bigger forum where you can interact with other motivated punters.

The algorithm that fuels “DaddyBot 2” was created by professional gamblers who know what they are doing.

Enjoy a high-quality, user-friendly private member dashboard so that you can keep track of what’s happening in-house and even collect tips from other savvy members!

LIVE CHAT where you can ask questions that require an urgent response. We’ll be there if you need us and you’ll never be in the dark again!

Get selections from other members in the Daddybot community. We allow some of our best members to also become tipsters and share their knowledge with others in the hive.

Once you become a satisfied member of DaddyBot 2 you’ll get acces to our active Telegram & Whatsapp groups where you can chat and interact with a lot of members who want the same as you: profit from betting!

Get FREE updates for 6 months: We’re always improving and making DaddyBot 2 better, so when this happens, you’ll be the first to enjoy the regular updates.

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Check Out These What Members Said On Our Forum Over The Past year!

(this is just a small fraction of our testimonials. We have tons more on our old forum page!

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